24.1 - Winter/Spring 2012

2011 Gulf Coast Prize


  • From "The Brother-in-Law and the Beach" by Michael Czyzniejewski 
  • Prisoners by Rav Grewal-Kök 
  • Mothers by Teresa Milbrodt 
  • Engrish Lessons by Danny Thanh Nguyen 
  • Calm Edge of the Earth by Mario Rosado 
  • Travelers by Ann Tashi Slater


  • Live Nude Essay! by Joe Bonomo 
  • From "A Film of Our Life, Played Backwards" by Lorraine Doran 
  • Sum of His Parts by Katherine Dykstra 
  • Sugar by Chidelia Edochie 
  • Toadal Chaos by Stephanie Harrison 
  • History of Rock by Kristen Radtke


  • Punch by Sherman Alexie 
  • Trees by Elizabeth Arnold 
  • Day for Years of Distress by Elaine Bleakney 
  • Two poems: Bee Belief, and We're in the Ocean, Or I'm Alone by Lily Brown 
  • Katmandu Ars Poetica by Christopher Buckley 
  • The Logos by Jon Cotner and Andy Fitch 
  • Sarah Hand by Dot Devota 
  • Quarters by Andrew Feld 
  • Two poems: OK Full Professor, and Vicarious by Graham Foust 
  • The Goner by Carolyn Hembree 
  • Two poems: Kingdom Of, and There's a New Sheriff in Town by Paul Hlava 
  • Two poems: News from Florence, and Harlem Summer by Ishion Hutchinson 
  • Of Love Hot & Enormous by Alex Lemon 
  • XX by Sally Wen Mao 
  • Notes on the Healthy Mind by L. S. McKee 
  • Wallflower by Lynn Melnick 
  • Six Political Criteria by Geoffrey G. O'Brien 
  • Left-Wife Goose by Sharon Olds 
  • The Skull of an Unidentified Dinosaur by Matthew Olzmann 
  • A Dedication to the Rich Is in the Ark by Robert Ostrom 
  • The Sand by Stanley Plumly 
  • On Knowing How It Feels by Nate Pritts 
  • Freedom in the Midst by David Rivard 
  • Eat the Bones of the World by Dan Rosenberg 
  • Um-- by Austen Rosenfeld 
  • Two poems: Master Film, and Dependers/Immediate Family by Solmaz Sharif 
  • What's in the Broth? by Laura Solomon 
  • Things We Know by Charles Harper Webb 
  • Pair by Mike White 


  • "To Go and Seek the Twilight Hour": Yahia Lababidi talks Kafka with Alex Stein by Alex Stein
  • "Zombies, Our Culture, Christ, and Christianity": Joseph Chapman talks with Aaron McCollough by Joseph Chapman
  • "Just Give Me a Bit, You Know? Just Fragments of Things": Andy Fitch pieces together Anna Moschovakis' multifarious output by Andy Fitch
  • "Poetry Redressed": Jason Ranon Uri Rotstein sits down with Icelandic poet Sjón by Jason Ranon Uri Rotstein


  • From "Hedge" by Pilar Fraile Amador, trans. Forrest Gander
  • Two pieces: Memories, and Clarity by Edgar Bayley, trans. by Emily Toder
  • Diurnal Paris by Tristan Corbière, trans. Noelle Kocot
  • From "Picture World" by Niels Frank, trans. Roger Greenwald
  • Returning to Kashgar by Tahir Hamut, trans. Joshua L. Freeman
  • From "Give Me Shelter" by Aviya Kushner
  • Hair Salon by Dorthe Nors, trans. Martin Aitken
  • Two pieces: It Will Come in My Left Lung, and A Few of the Words I Was Mysteriously Allowed Until Now by Pierre Peuchmaurd, trans.