25.1 - Winter/Spring 2013

2012 Gulf Coast Prize



  • Your Wife by Cristin O'Keefe 
  • Two poems: High School, A Version, and Exquisite Corpse by Ari Banias 
  • Risk Management Memo: Small Enterprise by Mary Biddinger 
  • from Mendicant: "Dear She" by Laynie Browne 
  • from "Rocket Fantastic" by Gabrielle Calvocoressi 
  • Comes to Worse by Chris Dombrowski 
  • Gotterdammerung by Norman Dubie 
  • Mississippi Delta. Glass in the Field by Ansel Elkins 
  • from Moth; or how I came to be with you again by Thomas Heise 
  • A Terror of Foxes by Joshua Kryah 
  • Expat/Sexpot by Rob MacDonald 
  • animal, vegetable, mineral by Marty McConnell 
  • Return to El Perdido Mundo by Jeffrey McDaniel 
  • Tomorrow Never Dies II by Jill McDonough 
  • Three poems: Pinnochia, We Loved You Enough, and Pinnochia Sends Home the Manifesto, and Telegraph by Lo Kwa Mei-en 
  • Red by Devon J. Moore 
  • Lightship by Julia Anna Morrison 
  • Two poems: Rude Girls, and Marie Antoinette's Husband Was a Total Baller by Jess Novak 
  • Oasis of Now by Sohrab Sepehri 
  • No Explode by S.E. Smith 
  • Two poems: Memento Mori, and On Cancer by Susan B.A. Somers-Willett 
  • Whole Cloth by Alexandra Teague 
  • Two poems: Just Another Sad, Sad Evening, and The Dream of Poppies & H.D. by M.A. Vizsolyi 
  • Glory Train by Sidney Wade 
  • Deglet Nour by Joshua Ware 
  • Two poems: Animal, and Transplant by Jenny Xie 
  • Light-Bringers by Dean Young