Agatha’s Letter to Her Mother

Alexis Orgera

Dear Mom, it’s been so long. Since back when
I was a loggerhead shrike, back when I followed
my breath—I the Desire—I’m dry outside
to the nostril, or from it, every
which way. Lip to lip, I went mechanical, Mom,
hoisted my terrific sclerosis into a desert
outside me. I tell my mouth, Mouth, say it dry.
I ran a little darkness into the light, Mom.
I was so sad or afraid that you’d lost me.
I cranked up my canyon repulsion.
Me! Mono! I’ve donated chrome to the stop-
motion men, fade to the eastern wind.
I am the last whole sky I know.
How to drink everything before us, Mom?
Fallopian! Dystopian! The thing to eat,
it comes after the eaten thing. Love, Agatha

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