More of my ability to I feel you

Guy Pettit

Imagine that some gift has been bestowed upon me, some crisis or illness
The Garden we enter is easy
You lay there and the names of pop lie with you
A race disappears
But save that for later
Welcome Agnes to the world
See her silver beard
It’s autumn and watch her grip her own palm
Then squeeze the center of it with her thumb
See her pinch a bit of her own fat before truly waking up
She is the King again and you lie at her feet
Close to photographs of beautiful black men
Soon you will do the same
You’ll mimic her a little bit
Like before you wake you’ll do the same
She’ll rub her thumb and her forefinger together
Respect that
You’re not taking it easy
She’ll wait for you forever because she’s already finished
She placed a little photograph of a sickness on a poppy
Agnes calls you stupid and you know you are
It’s autumn and the looks pile up, tipsy looks
Agnes and Agnes forever
Best friends forever
It’s her property
It always was
It’s her property so you trim her silver beard
Agnes takes you back again
Easy on easy
It’s autumn and see Agnes wrap her fingers
Around each edge
But you don’t ever get to see what was leftover there
Watch her trim her nails like a boss
Look up the skirts of that blend you call ok
There’s a bubbling you both follow
But she’s smarter than you and you know it
So you’ll have to wait on her forever
Forever will be that time you look at a man washing dishes touch himself
He is writing too, speaking
He speaks a language
You once lied about saying
I speak it fluently I spoke it fluently
That wish to bother oneself less
You don’t feel comfortable lying anymore
It’s not February anymore
You want to enter his nostrils and write an album in there
Agnes owns Agnes
She arrives late
So it’s late
She arrives with an army of lovers
So it’s an army of lovers
A little less pleasure for everyone in your circle
Agnes is going to find you, take the photos you took of your body
While you want a fatter man, quietly friendly, turning towards a mess in his 
Documenting each one with care
A ring off a gallon of milk, hair
She tells you to dive on the ankles of strange men
To scratch at them
Squeeze at them with your little muscles
Baby muscles
And close your eyes
Agnes gardens Agnes
She does it to push that soft, golden, light into your knees.
To let the warmth fill your knees
To feel Agnes around your knees and now relax just let it go and feel the warmth 
     begin to move up into your thighs, hips, buttocks, back, and into your 
     abdomen, up your chest, and through your throat, to your hands with their 
     palms and each finger, wrists and forearms, to your shoulders, into your neck, 
     jaw, nose and ears
Agnes and her silver beard are leftovers
So she can guide you away from all the gifts
Clumsy bodies going first
Agnes needing less