Fatimah Asghar

i never had enough kens
so i made my barbies fuck
each other or fuck beanie babies.

i never had more than one beanie baby
per species. they were rarer
that way & like some perverted

noah's ark, it kept them from multiplying.
no one with skin like theirs, freaks
like me. lucky the barbies needed their bodies.

in my playroom, the only place
i could be white, whole cities
of beautiful women with boundless tits

fucking loose sacks of animal.
their plastic legs thrusting
& thrusting until the beanie

said yes, until it punctured,
balls of beans spilling
to the floor. the ladies fucked

their corpses until my aunt
made me throw them out.
the legions of identical 

white women, skin glowing
like pearly milk, magnificent
as they stormed the gates

of the zoo, conquering
each animal one limb at a time.