David Mura, GC Guest Blogger at #AWP2015

Georgia Pearle

Apr 01, 2015

In honor of David Mura's month-long GC Blogger in residence tenure starting Monday, April 6th, we thought we'd post some of David Mura's AWP events here on the blog, so you could hear what he's all about aesthetically, performatively, and culturally.

David Mura is a wearer of many hats, several of which are as novelist, poet, essayist, performance artist, activist, and AWP panelist.

Come hear David in conjunction with other dynamic authors at #AWP2015 in Minneapolis when you're not hanging out at the Gulf Coast Table:

Saturday, 4/11/2015, 09:00:AM - 10:15:AM, Room 101 F&G, Level 1:

Beyond Lake Wobegon: Minnesota Writers of Color

Featuring: David Mura, Alexs Pate, Ed Bok Lee, Marie Myung-Ok Lee, Susan Powers

How does a culture change its portrait of itself?  Minnesota writers of color explore a very different cultural landscape than the common clichéd images of the state.  These writers of color examine the lives not only of their own communities but the complex interactions between communities of color.  Stemming from the struggles of our communities, a strong activism also characterizes writers of color here. 

Friday, 4/10, 12:00PM - 1:15PM, Room 1-1 F&G, Level 1

Writers of Color Moving Beyond the Boundaries of Our Communities: A VONA/Voices Writers Panel

Featuring: David Mura, Tara Betts, Frank Wilderson, Elmas Abinader, Marussa Johnson-Valenzuela

The VONA/Voices workshop fosters dialogues and learning between writers of color from different communities.  This panel will examine how such interactions are shifting our sense of the canon, complicating our histories and identities, exposing blinds spots within our communities, and connecting our writing to the contexts of global literature and politics.  In the process, we will be mapping a course for American literature in the 21st Century. 

Stay tuned to the GC Blog for David's inaugural post this Monday. Learn about many, many more events and other happenings at the AWP Conference website: https://www.awpwriter.org/awp_conference/ where you can also register online.